Converting Safari Land Cruisers to Fully Electric

Introducing the first service for converting safari vehicles to 100% electric in Eastern Africa!

We have developed a conversion solution for the Toyota Land Cruiser, the most popular vehicle used for safari models in Africa. This means we can receive your worn out diesel vehicles related to a lot of hassle with high maintenance costs, and exchange its main components in the drive train to electric! This is done by removing the combustion engine and fuel tanks, which creates room for a powerful electric motor, batteries and associated power electronics.

By doing this you can prolong the lifespan of your terrain/offroad vehicles already designed for harsh terrain, retain its original functions, while improving and even adding some, and of course run it of electricity instead of diesel! We want to introduce the advantages of electric vehicles to the safari industry, leading to strengthened eco-profile, lower running costs and the possibility to offer safari tours without a rumbling engine.

Zero emissions
Less maintenance
High torque performance
Lower running costs
1 -5 hour charge

Electric conversion

Turn your off-road vehicle into electric and be part of changing the future!

Connecting to grid

We make sure you can use your current energy system to charge the vehicles with clean electricity.

Support & service

After successful implementation, our service agreement ensures minimum operational downtime.

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