We are recruiting!

Are you an engineer, a driven student or just an entrepreneurial person yearning to make a difference within environment and social sustainability in a progressive start-up? Join us and develop the East African electric transport sector!

You need to work in parallel with development and production of new vehicles, as well as reuse and retrofitting of existing vehicles to electric. Retrofitting largely reduces the resource-need and opens the possibility of making any vehicle electric. Recently we have ventured into the PV industry, providing the latest battery technology from Europe/Asia and offering integrated and smart installations for a range of different customers.

At Opibus we make electric vehicle and renewable technology accessible in areas of the world lacking the right prerequisites, infrastructure and investment capital.


Your role and how to apply

You will work project-based, with good opportunities for development within the company; travels to East Africa; partaking in share/option program. Now we are up and running in Nairobi, Kenya for the upcoming future but we are always looking for expansion in East Africa and other parts of the world. There are positions to be filled in both Kenya and elsewhere, and you are more than welcome to join us for shorter periods as well.

Send an email to hr@opibus.se why you should be a part of our team. Don’t forget to attach your CV!



Computer engineer/ programmer

Criterias and background:

Programming knowledge in back-end, data management and information security.

Tasks and assignments:

Build and handle analysis tools. Program internal communications device to handle vehicle data.


Electrical engineer or corresponding electrical knowledge

Criterias and background:
Could have background from engineering physics, bachelor in electronics or other relevant background.

Tasks and assignments:

Actively participating in the general product development. On long term assess development of own components (BMS, main computer etc).


Mechanical engineer

Criterias and background:

Competence in mechanics, strength and materials. Good knowledge in CAD and preferably practical experience from production.

Tasks and assignments:

Will work practically with mechanical components and transmissions.


Graphical designer/web developer/media technology

Criterias and background:

Good knowledge and experience from working with graphical profiles and graphical development software. “An eye for graphic design”.

Tasks and assignments:

Develop graphical material and profile relevant for sustainability company. The external profile used for website, presentations, pitch deck, videos, PR/press etc.



Criterias and background:

Several years of experience in sales preferable from a managment position with good technical knowledge. Previous work with renewable energy, vehicles or PV systems is recommended.

Tasks and assignments:

Sell and market Opibus electric conversions and/or PV-systems for customers in Kenya. Involves setting up sales meetings and managing customer relations.


Other – Anything else that you can help us out with?

Sometimes it is more important to find a person with the right characteristics and mindset, than someone with a specific set of skills and background.

If you are an open and courageous person and feel that our project would be perfect for you – send in your application right away through the form or info mail and explain why, no matter of your current education or experience.